Extra Curricular

Speech and Drama is offered as an extra curricular activity. It promotes good listening skills as well as learning to speak correctly. We explore different aspects of language and sounds through reading, rhymes, listening games, drama and poetry.

The older pupils take an active part in plays and role-play and give individual performances and presentations as well as creating their own poetry.

Speech and Drama is an excellent subject for building up confidence and developing an interest in poetry, drama and the arts. Children take external examinations in LAMDA.

Individual music lessons are also offered as an extra curricular activity. Children can have lessons in Piano, Recorder, Treble Recorder, Violin and Steel Pans.

There are also a number of activity clubs for the children, both during and after school. These include 'Magical Maths', 'Mad Science', ICT, theatre club, knitting, cookery, gardening and woodwork.